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A 1:1 Coaching Program

How to get Clients for your Coaching Business using YouTube

My 3 Step Framework to get more clients using YouTube under 60 days!

Get Visible & Paid

Learn how to use YouTube to get visible and redirect people to your paid offers.

Attract Clients

Discover my proven system to create content that drives sales and attracts clients on autopilot.

Under 8 Weeks

A 1:1 coaching program to help you to success in just 8 weeks.

I see you!

You are a coach or freelancer that dreams of opening his laptop on your favourite location in the world… being location independent, getting clients on autopilot… and making a worldwide impact.

But in 2021 you need a platform to realise that.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world...

Where are you!?

And you have a few problems...

You are not alone, because me and many others felt the same way!

  1. You hate your job, decided to start for yourself… but you’re still not where you want to be.
  2. You think starting on YouTube is just creating videos, but are soon stuck in analysis paralysis, because it is way more difficult than you initially thought. 
  3. You struggle with not knowing heck-all about building the right systems to attract clients on autopilot. 
  4. You have a very tight schedule due to working the entire week, as well as all your other responsibilities and therefore think YouTube is not for you. 

I'm Wouter

Even though you’ve seen me being in the zone on YouTube or Instagram…

There was a time where I felt so stuck with myself and my business that I was wondering: is it worth to keep going?

For most of my life people told me I wasn’t good enough to make a change in the world and I was continuously told to just work the 9-5. And because of that, I decided to embark on a mission to become a coach. 

I wanted to travel the world, be my own boss and to open my laptop wherever and whenever I want, because I believed Freedom is everyones birthright. 

But I didn’t know how to build an online business…
I didn’t know what platform to use and what message to share
And I also didn’t know how to get clients for my online business…


If yes… than you probably know what it feels to…

Go to your ENERGY SUCKING job and ask yourself: am I really reaching my full potential?
Crave the FREEDOM to build your own business, but realise if you try to DIY it yourself, it will take you FOREVER
Be extremely OVERWHELMED with all the opportunities today and have no clue what next step you should take at all…


Since I started a coaching business and YouTube Channel, I’ve…

  • Finally found my passion and wake up excited to work on my mission, while being paid.
  • Turned YouTube viewers all over the world into paid clients.
  • Signed my first high ticket clients ($1200 for just 4 hours of coaching!)

And got even noticed by YoUTubers with 600.000+ subscribers like...

Kelly Stamps:
750.000 Subscribers

Vanessa Lau: 510:000 Subscribers

Sounds cliché but if I can do it… you can do it too!

Now it is your turn to...

Get Clients on Autopilot

Use my proven system to get clients on autopilot for your coaching or freelance business.

Get Finally Paid

Set up the systems to redirect leads to your paid products, so you can get paid.

Get Finally Visible

Learn the foundations of a YouTube channel specifically for coaches and make content that drives sales.

Build a Killer Sales Page

Create a high converting sale page where people crave to buy your products or services.

Create a Converting Lead Magnet

Finally, create a lead magnet that people LOVE to download, so you can grow your email list.

Impact people Worldwide

Stop thinking too small and start making a HUGE impact on people from all over the world.

Stories on Tubecreator Academy

I have paid $1000's for information that are not nearly as good as his.​

He's truly walked the walk. He shares EVERYTHING he has learned from a first-hand experience along with the tools and resources that are critical in starting a successful channel. Wouter, thank you so much for the amazing content and information you have shared - I'm looking forward to applying everything you've taught me to my own life, my brand, and my channel!

- George, Investing Coach​

Our 140.000 IG Followers can finally find us on YouTube.

No one on our team had any experience with YouTube. The TubeCreator Academy took us week by week on how to set-up a channel, how to do keyword research, how to make great titles and thumbnails and everything we needed to know to launch successfully. It was a great experience and we couldnt' have done it without the TubeCreator Academy!​

I am getting clients on autopilot!

"Everyday I am getting leads into my sales funnel, because of the YT strategy Wouter taught. He has such a great vibe and is so pleasant to work with! Thank you so much for making a huge difference in my social media strategy!"

- Michelle, Finance Coach​

WOuter, wait!

I know you’re also…

  • SCARED of stepping out of your comfort zone to finally take action on your dreams. 
  • Extremely nervous about starting a YouTube Channel where friends, family and strangers can see you. 
  • Terrified that you’ll fail and that it wouldn’t work out for you anyway.
  • Someone who keeps saying you have no time to make YouTube videos, while I have all your answers to do so.
  • A DIE-HARD Perfectionist who postpones everything he does in the hope his life will miraculously change for the better.

That's why I am here to help

Let me introduce myself: my name is Wouter and I help coaches to get clients for their coaching business using YouTube.

Not only that, with the TubeCreator Academy you’ll also:

  • Identify and map out your target audience.
  • Produce content that drives sales.
  • Create a high converting lead magnet.
  • Build up your email list.
  • Create a high converting sales page.
  • And install all systems to convert viewers into clients.

Together we’ll go all in to convert your viewers into your clients.

What you can expect...


The TubeCreator Framework consists of 3 crucial phases that will help you with (1) Clarifying your YouTube foundations (2) Producing Content that Drives Sales and (3) Attracting your viewers to turn them into clients.

Let’s take a look…


In the first phase you’ll clarify the foundations for your new YouTube Channel. 

Tangible Results:
1. You’ll position your YouTube Channel correctly without making my ROOKIE mistakes.
2. We will further clarify your niche and identify the “BIG PROMISE” you and your channel stand for. 
3. You’ll discover your Target Audience and map out detailed viewer personas.

Session 1: Find and validate your YouTube Foundations.  
Session 2: Mapping out your Target Audience.


In the second phase you’ll learn the ins- and outs of creating videos that drive sales.

Tangible Results:
1. You’ll discover how to do content research and come up with unlimited video ideas.
2. You’ll learn to do keyword research the right way so your customers can find you.
3. You’ll learn to write scripts, and to film and edit your videos.
4. You’ll discover the most important metrics the YouTube Algorithm cares about and how to analyse your analytics.

Session 3: Content & Keyword Research
Session 4: The YouTube Algorithm
Session 5: Producing Content that Drives Sales
Session 6: YouTube Analytics 


In the third phase you’ll learn how to convert your viewers into clients for your coaching business.

Tangible Results:
1. You’ll create a high converting lead magnet to convert viewers into leads.
2. You’ll create a Lead Generating System to redirect people to your paid offers.
3. You’ve built a high converting Sales Page where people can buy your services.

Session 7: Creating an Irresistible Lead Magnet
Session 8: Crafting a High Converting Sales Page

Stories on Tubecreator Academy

Anne, NLP Coach

Presence, Mindset Coach

Yvonne, Coach for Moms



3 Steps to More Clients

1. Book a Free Call

Book your free call below. During this call we will make sure that we are on the same page. 

2. Learn the Secrets

Enroll in the program and learn all the secrets to use YouTube to attract clients for your Business.

3. Get Clients

After 8 weeks you know everything about using YouTube to attract clients for your coaching or freelance business.



The TubeCreator Academy helps coaches to use YouTube to attract clients for their coaching business using YouTube.

In only 8 weeks you have mapped out your target audience, created your first videos, and implemented all the systems to convert viewers into clients.


  • A custom made 1:1 coaching program perfectly tailored to YOUR specific needs, so everything is optimised for YOU.  (Worth $1699)


  • 8 X 60 minute private coaching sessions over the course of 2 months through Zoom. (Worth $2999)


  • All coaching sessions recorded for you to watch them again whenever you like. (Worth $997)


  • Access to the Coaching Vault packed with videos to get you started. Yes more than: 8 video modules and tech-tutorials. (Worth $1999)


  • Swipe files, checklists, downloads, templates and worksheets to get you results fast. (Worth $997)


  • YouTube Starterskit, Keyword Research Checklist and Email Templates to save you HUGE amounts of time. (Worth $997)


  • Lead Magnet Template and Advanced Lead Tracker to have leads flooding in on autopilot. (Worth $917)


  • Unlimited feedback on related topics like titles, thumbnails and business to help you improve your skills. (Worth $1497)


  • Pay in Full Bonus: Personal Feedback on your first YouTube video to make your next one even better. (Worth $497)


YES! There is:

Advanced Client Tracker
(Value: $ 497)

You’ll have access to my Advanced Client Tracker where you’ll keep track on all your potential customers, which makes sure you never lose the sale!

YouTube Starter Kit
(Value: $ 197)

Picking the right tools when starting on YouTube doesn’t have to be difficult. With the YouTube Starter Kit you have all the best tools to kickstart your journey.

Keyword Research Checklist
(Value: $ 147)

Keyword Research is no longer difficult. With the Keyword Research Checklist you know what to focus on to optimize your videos for SEO the right way.

YouTube Cover Banner Template
(Value: $ 197)

Every successful YouTube channel has a cover banner that is optimised for desktop and mobile. With the cover banner template you create your YouTube banner in just a few clicks.

Lead Magnet Template
(Value: $ 497)

No time to create your own lead magnet? I have created a lead magnet template for you, to save you TONS of work.

YouTube Script Template
(Value: $ 497)

Why do you need a script? Because if your video is not well structured, people drop off, which is a major sign to the algorithm that your video is low quality. Problem solved with this script template.

Tech Tutorials
(Value: $ 997)

Are you not a hero with the tech side of things? Don’t worry! I created lots of tutorials to get your started with the tech side of building your Lead Generating System.

YouTube Workflow
(Value: $ 697)

You probably don’t have all the time in the world to create videos… I got you covered! With my secret video production workflow anyone can create quality content that drives sales very fast.

Advanced Content Planner
(Value: $ 297)

How to schedule content? What to schedule and how do I keep everything organised? With the Advanced Content planner you have everything you need to make your content planning a whopping success.


Pay in Full

One Payment
$ 1997
  • Early Bird Pricing
  • 8 Powerful Coaching Sessions
  • 8 Video Modules
  • Systems, workflows and swipe files
  • $12,497 of Value
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Payment Plan

3 Payments of
$ 765
  • Early Bird Pricing
  • 8 Powerful Coaching Sessions
  • 8 Video Modules
  • Systems, workflows and swipe files
  • $12,497 of Value
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Recap of What you'll Get​

When you enroll in the TubeCreator Academy you’ll learn how to get clients for your coaching business using YouTube. Within 8 weeks you’ve clarified your YouTube foundations, produced your first batch of videos and implemented all systems to attract clients on autopilot. 

With all the video lessons, powerful sessions, worksheets, templates, guides and bonusses, this program…

Has a total value of a whopping $12,497, but you have the chance to snag this deal for an Early Bird price of $1997 when you pay in full. 

Snag your deal now, before the offer expires and all slots are taken.

You snoose, You lose.

Written Testimonials

Meet some of the people who went before you. Are you next?

Frequently Asked Questions​

At the end of the 8 week program you can expect the following results:

  • You have found clarity on your target audience and YouTube positioning, so you know who you want to make content for.
  • You’ll have your first batch of YouTube videos up and running.
  • Created a high converting lead magnet to attract leads on autopilot.
  • Built a Lead Generating System that generates leads while you sleep.
  • Created a high converting sales page where people can become your new clients and book your services.

At the end of the program you can literally stand on your own feet and are ready to turn your viewers into clients.

Do you have time to wander on the internet, desperately looking for new clients? Or to comment under peoples posts in the hope people find you? We will use the time you spend on those activities to make your own content with my optimised YouTube workflow that saves you time. You’ll learn to batch, schedule and create content fast so you can be a YouTuber as well.

If you don’t have a niche: the TubeCreator Academy will help you with finding that niche.

Together we will find and narrow down your niche even further and discover your target viewer, which is detrimental for your succes on YouTube. Finding a niche for your channel is completely different than finding a niche for your coaching business. Therefore, this program will help you succeed. 

Whether you launch your channel or decide to wait a little longer to reflect on everything you learned… you’ll have your first videos created and understand the entire process of attract clients for your business.

Are you a coach or freelancer who wants more clients? Someone who wants to build an online business? Someone who wants to work ANYWHERE at ANYTIME? Are you a Coach, Freelancer or a Digital Nomad who wants to attract clients for your (new) business? If yes… the TubeCreator Academy is your new opportunity!

Even though that is highly unlikely, it is still possible that you are not ready to start on YouTube, or that you are not satisfied for some reason. No worries! You can request a full refund within 7 days of enrolling. 

No problem! You can choose the payment plan, so you can still enjoy all the benefits of the TubeCreator Academy!

Pay in Full

One Payment
$ 1997
  • Early Bird Pricing
  • 8 Powerful Coaching Sessions
  • 8 Video Modules
  • Systems, workflows and swipe files
  • $12,497 of Value
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Payment Plan

3 Payments of
$ 765
  • Early Bird Pricing
  • 8 Powerful Coaching Sessions
  • 8 Video Modules
  • Systems, workflows and swipe files
  • $12,497 of Value
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

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I work with multiple clients every month and am most of the time booked-out, and a spot in the program is only guaranteed if you book your free call right now. If you lose this special offer, you’ll never be able to get TubeCreator Academy at this price point because prices will raise soon.